Window Tint Pricing

Car Window Tinting Prices

The following price offers are for standard tint film installations using a base film. The film you choose and your type of vehicle may affect the cost to tint car your vehicle's windows. NO LEGAL RISKS! All of our window films are in compliance with Georgia laws on window tinting.

Cost to Tint Car Windows

Car window tinting prices shown here are for in-shop tinting. There is a travel fee for our on-site mobile tinting services. We can offer discounted package pricing for individuals or companies with vehicle fleets. Please contact us with any questions or to compare prices from other shops.

Before we begin any work we will give you a free quote to tint your windows.

Our pricing is structured on an ala-carte basis. If you are comparing prices with friends or other shops you may find differences in costs to tint car windows. This is perfectly normal, and there are legitimate reasons why window tinting prices vary.

  • Film Types: The brand and type of window tint film you choose.
  • Extra Work Required: Some cars require "moleskin" to prevent scratching window film.
  • Removing Old Film: It takes time to remove old film and clean windows for new film.
  • Mobile On-Site Installation: We require a travel charge for tinting at your location.
  • Package Discounts: Doing multiple vehicles at one time may enable discount pricing.

Prices for Common Upgrades

  • Set of Large SUV Ports, add $40.00
  • Set of Small SUV Ports, add $20.00
  • * Prices subject to change based on vehicle year/make/model