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NFRC - The National Fenestration Rating Council is a non-profit organizations that administers independent, third party rating and labeling system for the energy performance of products designed to provide energy efficiency including window tinting films. Hot Spot Tinting offers window films that meet the high standards set by the NFRC, and that provide the highest quality and reliability of all tinting film products worldwide.

Tint Center - A very comprehensive and extremely informative website about automobile window tinting. See samples of various tints, compare brands, and more.

Window Film Information Center - A site sponsored by the International Window Film Association with plenty of helpful information on window tinting films.

Auto Window Tinting - A very helpful site with an interactive tint film demo.

Window Film Magazine - The site's content is targeted towards industry professionals, but much of the content serves as helpful information for consumers.

International Window Film Association - (We area Member) This association establishes standards for the tinting industry. The IWFA website has very helpful consumer information on window film types.

Explore products by XPEL®, 3M® and SunTek®

LLumar® Window Films

LLumar® is owned by Eastman Chemical Company and is a global distributor of window tint films. Learn more about LLumar® window tint films and paint protection film.

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3M® Window Films

3M® invented window tint films in 1966 and continues to be the industry leader for window tinting films. Learn more about 3M® window tint films and paint protection film.

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SunTek® Window Films

SunTek® products are manufactured by Commonwealth Laminating & Coating in Martinsville, Virginia. Learn more about SunTek® window tint films and paint protection film.

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