XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS PPFThe best PPF for most passenger vehicles.

A virtually invisible, high-quality PPF product that is ideal for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Enjoy benefits including excellent durability, self-healing, stain resistance, and superior optical clarity.


XPEL STEALTH PPFThe best PPF for matte style paint finishes.

A PPF formulated for protecting a flat and matte paint applications. Whether your vehicle is matte, magno, frozen, or frosted, XPEL STEALTH provides protection without compromising the look you love.


XPEL ARMOR PPFThe best PPF for rugged use vehicles.

A PPF for a textured, bed-liner aesthetic in an easy-to-apply, extremely durable film. Designed for off-road, industrial, and commercial use, ARMOR is the perfect choice for vehicles in rugged environments.

PPF Installation Options

We offer several ways of protecting your vehicle's finish.
XPEL PPF partial front vehicle wrap

Partial Front End

Partial hood, fenders, front bumper cover, side mirrors, and headlight lenses.

XPEL PPF full front vehicle wrap

Full Front End

Full hood, fenders, front bumper cover, side mirrors, and headlight lenses.

XPEL PPF full vehicle wrap

Full Vehicle

PPF coverage of all exposed exterior surface areas with a painted finish.

The Top XPEL Dealer in Atlanta

Trust your car or truck to the PPF experts at Hot Spot Tinting!

XPEL offers multiple paint protection films to protect your vehicle's exterior and interior. Fom gloss to satin, we have the films to preserve its visual appeal while guarding against common paint finish damage.

Professional PPF installation is assured at Hot Spot. Our techs are experienced, trained, and keep up-to-date with XPEL best practices for installing their products.

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Hot Spot Tinting is the best PPF installer in Atlanta

Benefits of Installing PPF

Early installation of PPF serves to preserve your vehicle's looks and value.

PPF is an uber-thin polyurethane sheet which is custom cut for your car and, using a heat gun, molded to fit your vehicle's shape. Regarding XPEL PPF, the quality of the product is the reasin it is THE protective film used by racing mogul Team Penske.

Installing PPF provides a protective barrier to protect the vehicle's finish from airborne contaminants, bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, and common road damage such as paint chipping. Paint protection film is essential if you truly value your vehicle investment.

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