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Window Tinting Films

Discover the best window tint films for your needs

Below are what we believe to be the best window tint films for automotive, home and commercial applications. We arrived at this product mix by considering the attributes consumers express as being most important. We can sell and install any window films made by these companies however; we have certain films we recommend.

We're here to help you find the window film that meets your needs. Call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Recommended Window Films

3M® Automotive Window Films

3M® offers the best products in the window films industry. The 3M product lines perform exceptionally well. These products, comparatively speaking, are on the higher end of the price spectrum. These products are for the consumer that expects the best in looks, durability and performance. Our recommendations for the very best 3M® window tint films are the premium Crystalline window film and the stellar Color Stable window film. Learn More >>

XPEL® Automotive Window Films

XPEL® offers extremely good products with prices that are less than comparable 3M products. They stand behind their quality, offering a transferable lifetime warranty on both the CS and XR series. XPEL films offer a high UV SPF rate (which varies by film) and are recognized by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant.Xpel Color Stable Series and Xpel XR Plus Film are our recommended products. Learn More >>

SunTek® Automotive Window Films

SunTek® offers window films of very good quality, and at price points well under the 3M® premium films. SunTek® films are a perfect choice for car owners who want quality and have a tighter budget. We do want to emphasize that SunTek® products are not inferior cheap films. We recommend considering the SunTek® CXP film for lowering your costs to get your windows tinted with a good film. Learn More >>

SunTek® Paint Protection Films

SunTek® clear paint protection films are available for any vehicle make or model. The film is usually installed to protect the painted areas that are most vulnerable to chipping from rocks and debris. Clear paint protection film can be installed (and removed) without harming your vehicle's paint finish. Learn More >>

Madico® Window Films

Our recommended window film for home and commercial glass

Madico® window tint films are our top recommendation for flat glass projects. Madico® offers films that range from decorative and privacy designs, to safety and security films. As window film experts we can serve as your consultant to guide you to the best film for your glass doors and windows. Learn More >>

Window Film Types range in price, darkness and quality.

Our Tinting Services

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Product Warranties

All major brands of window films are backed with a manufacturer's warranty. These are what is referred to as a "pass through warranty". If you ever have a product problem you can place a warranty claim no matter where you live - even if you move to a different city. When your window tinting work is completed you will be provided with warranty information. Because the specifics of different warranties vary and are quite legthy we are unable to post the information here..

Heat Blocking

Heat blocking and UV blocking are probably the most common reason people get their windows tinted. There are black-out films which block all light, and usually used on commercial windows of bars and nightclubs. Our recommended car window films provide exceptional heat and UV blocking. The tint you choose will determine the exact level of thermal transfer control.

Darkness Levels

There are clear window films that block heat very well however; most people want darker windows. The percentage numbers used to describe films indicate visible light trnasmission (how much light gets through). Click the following link to get an idea of window film darkness levels.

Window films are in a variety of shades. Most people select a window film that is 35%-50% opacity.

We offer window tint films that are legal in Georgia. There are laws on window tinting darkness levels. Law enforcement can pull you over and ticket you for illegal tint.