SunTek® Window Tint

SunTek® window films offer many of the most desired features in automotive window tint films. Among these are heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction. All SunTek films have very good optical clarity, and are backed with a manufacturer's warranty.

Hot Spot Tinting is an Authorized SunTek® Automotive Window Film Dealer

SunTek® offers multiple film products including CXP (Carbon XP, our preferred SunTek® film), Carbon, Infinty OP, High Performance and Standard. CXP is our premium carbon film. It is great for looks, and added heat reduction. This film specifically targets blocking infra-red heat waves.

Suntek films are among the most affordable of our feature brands; (LLumar window films and 3M window films). We recommend SunTek® films for customers on a tighter budget who desire a quality product at a lower cost.

Our overall ratings for SunTek® window films

Price: Mid-Range
Aesthetics: Very Good
Durability: Above Average
Heat Control: Very Good
Tint Shades: 35-70%
Our Rating:

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