3M® Window Tint

All 3M products are top tier. The aesthetic qualities are industry best, and durability is exceptional. If you look at online reviews you will find lots of meaningless terms. Do you reallly understand the meaning of terms like "nano-carbon polyester technology"? Let us inform you what matters, in terms that can be easily understood.

3M Crystalline Film

3M Crystalline film offers many features, not the least of which is its heat blocking capabilities. Crystalline is out plasma film can reject up to 97% of infra-red heat waves. Crystalline film can reject up to 60% of solar heat while blocking only 10% of sunlight. This premium film delivers high peformance, but at a slightly higher price point. Learn more about 3M Crystalline film by reading this MotorTrend Article.

Our overall ratings for 3M® window films

Price: Higher
Aesthetics: Very Good
Durability: Very Good
Heat Control: Very Good
Tint Shades: 35-70%
Our Rating:

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